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About Hostel Facility

The College provides a separate Hostel facility for Boys and Girls, which has an accommodation capacity of 120 seats for Boys and 150 seats for Girls. The mess facility is provided in both Girls and Boys Hostels separately.




‘A’ , ‘B’, ‘C’ Wings

Rs. 10,000 /-

Rs. 600

‘D’ Wing

Rs. 17, 000/-

Rs. 600


Rs. 1,260 /-

Hostel Admission

Rector will be the head of the Hostel. He / She will control the overall working.

The students seeking admissions in Hostel should submit their application form to the rector within prescribed time.

While taking admission in Hostel the students should remember the following procedure He / she should fill the specific application form carefully.

Meet the concerned in charge in the college for his / her signature.

Go to the Hostel office. Meet the concerned clerk for his signature. He will write down the challan No in the register. (Challan should be submitted on the same day on which the clerk has signed.)

Immediately pay cash by challan in the Bank.

Students should keep the challan receipt carefully; otherwise he / she will have difficulty in claiming the refund of the deposit.

The separate electric meter is provided to each room. At the time of admission the reading will be taken and at the time of leaving the charges will be calculated.

Girls Hostel Single or Double seated rooms will be charged more.

Hostel Admission form will not be received without the signature of the Rector.

Students must seek admission on the same day, on which the Rector has signed the admission form.

When the student gets admission in Hostel, he / she must reach the allotted room, other wise his / her admission will be cancelled and the amount paid will be forfeited.

Hostilities who want to leave the Hostel in second term will have to report in his / her own handwriting to the Rector well in advance, before the end of the first term, if he / she fails to do so, the deposit money will not be refunded.

Each student staying in Hostel will be medically checked up by the Medical Officer of the K.C.E. Society.

Failed students will not allow admitting in the Hostel.

General Discipline in Hostel

Students are not allowed to change electic tube lights in their rooms. They will not use electric supply for using appliances like hot plate, electric irons, extra fans, coolers, heaters, etc.

Students are expected to use electricity properly. They should take care to switch off the lights when they are not in their rooms. Otherwise they would be punished. Rooms will be allotted to students on the first opening day of the college. They should check up the furniture, lights, fans and other amenities in the room.

The student is responsible to take care of everything in his/her room, provided to him/her by the Hostel authority. Any damage caused will be recovered from the students. Students should take almost care to see that no damage is caused to the Hostel property, building, furniture, electric and sanitary fittings and any other equipments in the Hostel premises.

The cost of loss caused will be recovered from the deposit amount of the concerned student. If hostilities have damaged the Hostel property intentionally, they are held liable for disciplinary action and fine. Sometimes more than one student will bear the common fine.

The Rector has reserved his/her rights to do necessary changes in the allotment of the rooms during the year according to the strength of the students.

Each Host elite should have his/her own bedding, bed sheet, blanket, pillow, net, bucket, water pot or cool keg with him/her.

Each student will be provided a cot, table, chair, cupboard by the college authority.

No student is allowed to keep his/her own private servant with him/her.

Hostel premises is meant for communal living residence and study, so no friends, unauthorized guests, relatives are permitted to live with Hostilities.

The students are advised not to keep any valuable articles or cash money in their rooms, if they do so it will be entirely at their own risk. Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss of such things.

Students should keep with them minimum amount of money, for daily needs. Extra amount should be kept in the bank.

Students in Hostel should better not do any mutual exchange of money.

The functions, get-together ceremonies, meetings, celebrations of any sort will not take place in Hostel premises without the prior permission of the Rector and Principal.

Notices, Hoardings, Advertisements are strictly prohibited on the Hostel walls.

Smoking and consuming alcoholic drinks, Gambling and any immoral activity is strictly Prohibited in the Hostel and college premises.

Strict disciplinary action will take against those who found ragging the student mentally or physically.

Students will have to vacate the rooms immediately within three days after their annual examination otherwise he/she should pay Rs. 50/- per day as a fine he /she will have to handover everything to the authority that he/she had received earlier and show clearance certificate to Rector.

Students should behave in such a manner that the atmosphere in the Hostel remains clam and conducive to studies and leading to the cultural and moral development of the inmates. They should be very careful in not disturbing others.

Students should take almost care to keep their rooms and the hostel premises neat and clean.

Any complaint regarding Hostel working servants and mutual disputes of any sort should be reported to Hostel authority. The Rector will take the final decision after proper investigation.

The students should not misbehave towards public on the road attached to our Hostel. If they are found to be so, the Rector / Principal can expel them immediately without any pre warning.

Students can not change rooms allotted to them without the permission of the Rector.

Hostel prospectus is a handbook so it has to be preserved carefully for the whole year.

Students shall not enter into anybody else room or use things of others without their permission.

The Principal’s rights are reserved for dismissing any student from the Hostel or college on the basis of his/her misbehavior.

Hostel Facility

Mess Facility : The Mess facility is provided by the college. The separate mess hall, well equipped dining hall is available for the students.

The mess is run by the contract or society. The medical officer of the college regularly inspects the meal for its quality.

Cooking is not allowed in the room. Outside eatables are not allowed in the room.

Non-veg food is not allowed in the hostel.

Payment of Mess Bill: Every student should pay the mess bill to the contractor or Hostel office immediately.

Health Care Center: K.C.E. Society has appointed a medical officer to check the health of the students. The host elite or his/her friends must report immediately about any case of illness / sickness or accident of roommate to the hostel authorities and medical officer.

Every student can get free medical consultation by the medical officer of K.C.E. Society.

Security: The security guard is there to control the outsiders as well as the unnecessary movements of the students. The rector will give the instructions to the security guard and the instruction should be followed by the students. No one will misbehave with the guards.

Yoga and Pranayam : Ojaswini Institute is running the Yoga and Pranayam classes for boys and girls. Special Concession in the fees is provided for the hostilities.

Hostel Fees
Special rules for Girls Hostel

No Girl student is allowed to be out of Hostel after 7.30 p.m., without the permission of the Rector.

The legal Parent should declare a Local Guardian for their daughter. The local Guardian along with the applicant will be jointly responsible for observing all the rules and regulations.

Except for attending college, Girl students will have to ask the permission of the Rector to go out at daytime. If permitted, they will have to submit the address to where they are visiting, to the Hostel authority.

If the Host elite want to visit her native place or her relatives she should apply in writing to with all the details to the Rector.

It is expected that the parents / local guardian should contact and consult the rector about their daughter’s progress and behavior from time to time.

Visiting time for local guardians Morning 8.30 to 11.30 a.m. Evening 4.00 to 7.00 p.m.

Mobile phone may be switched off after 10.00 p.m. in the hostel premises.

If any girl wants to join a tuition or special class, the written permission of her parent is necessary. The girl should inform the college in charge about her class and should submit the written application to the rector.

The students will strictly adhere to the rules of discipline framed by the college and the Hostel authorities from time to time.

The management and hostel authority reserves the right to modify the above rules and regulations from time to time as per requirements, if deemed necessary without notice.

Rules regarding Attendance

Students should be in their rooms between 9.30 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. They are not allowed to be out of the Hostel without the permission of the Rector.

Attendance of the students in the room is compulsory. The Rector calls roll numbers at night, between 9.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. They must attend it; otherwise they are liable for fine.

For permission to remain absent for the roll call or for going outstation, a student should apply in writing to the Rector well in advance. The Rector’s decision will be final.

When there is no college holiday Rector can not allow the host elite to remain absent such students should ask for leave to the Principal. He/she should write a request to the principal. If he /she fail to do so, he/she is liable for fine.

The Host elite should attend the cultural program in Hostel. His/her absence will be considered as misbehavior.

Rules regarding Visitors (Guests)

Visitors are not allowed in Hostel campus after 9.00 p.m. but at emergency situations Rector can allow others inside Hostel to accompany the Host elite.

No students are allowed to accommodate his/her guests at night in his/her room.

No visitor is allowed to enter the student’s room without the kind permission of the Rector.